About Us

Blimey's factory and headquarters are located in La Rioja, specifically in the town of Haro in the north of the region, Haro is the production center of one of the most famous wine areas of the whole world, and here are some of the most important and legendary wineries. Privileged natural and cultural environment steeped in history where tradition and innovation combine to perfection. At Blimey those responsible in materials, manufacturing, quality control, research and development have an experience of many years working in the rubber footwear industry. Our professionals uniting their expert hands and techniques produce advanced rubber boots giving the user more advantages: reliability, comfort and durability. In addition our products do not harm the environment since they are biodegradable.  The main concern of the team at Blimey is to achieve customer satisfaction by offering the best shoes, so that Blimey ...

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Established in Haro (La Rioja) in 1994, Blimey employs a team of master craftsmen with an experience of many years in the rubber shoemaking industry. Our expertise workers select the finest and innovative raw materials in the market to manufacture our products.

The integration of the latest technology together with our unique handcrafted manufacturing system "inverted autoclave" gives as a result the creation of the finest natural rubber boots for the hunting, fishing and working industry.

The quality and reliability of our products holds an excellent reputation both in the domestic and foreign market. Would you like to know how? Watch this video.